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The Advantages Of Student Moves Services

Student RemovalsAre you a student looking to have your things sent in from home? Lots of students moving into dorms and university accommodations struggle with the problem of not being able to take all their stuff with them. This is why they mostly ask their parents to send over their stuff after they have moved, little by little. Or they try to take back something with them, each time they come to visit their parents. But now having your stuff sent over doesn’t have to be such a painful ordeal. You can make things much simpler for you and have all your belongings sent over to you in a single day. Moving Services offers great student moves packages that are convenient yet affordable by students like you so call at 020 8746 4390 to book your service.

We have been offering student moves services to students from all over the country for nearly ten years now. We have gained professional expertise in the service of not only shipping, but packing and protecting the belongings of students for a safe shipment. We offer specialized packing services for all kinds of items that students could want like musical instruments, computers, stereos, beds, text books, bedding, surfboards, bikes, and any other sort of recreational or sporting item. We offer to personally visit your home and do the packing for your parents, or your parents can visit us at our office, and bring over all your belongings that need to be shipped. We can then pack them all at our own store and ship them over to you.

Student Moving ServicesIf you are studying overseas and not in the UK, don’t worry. We all ship items internationally and we offer students studying abroad the same facility. No matter how bulky your items are, our professional service will take care of it and make certain that your items arrive at your hostel in perfect condition, safely and securely. If you are having troubles fitting in all your items in your room right now, and would like to have a temporary storage facility where you can leave your things until you move out into a bigger room, you can trust us with it all. We offer reliable storage facilities for students like you, who struggle with their unlimited belongings, and tiny hostel rooms that cannot contain it all. Just signup with us, we will assign you a locker or storage room, and you can safely leave your things with us. The size of the storage facility you will get will depend on the number and size of items you are storing. You will get a key to your own personal locker that you can access at any hour of the day. This makes your things easily accessible for you. When it comes to security issues, you don’t need to worry at all because our facilities are being constantly monitored through superb CCTV cameras and have other great security systems installed.

Whether we are shipping your belongings or storing them in our facility, Moving Services offers full insurance to completely cover all your stuff. This means that in case any mishap does occur on our behalf that leads to some damage or loss to your personal items, we will immediately cover for it all.  This gives our customers the added security and trust to be able to leave their belongings with us. We not only take care of your shipment but also deal with any transfer documentation that might arise especially in the case of shipping overseas. We have legal professionals in our company that take care of all the documentation involved with proficiency. All you have to do is call at 020 8746 4390 and book your service with us.

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