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An essentials box comes under various names – the survival box, the safety box, the vitals box – but the core idea remains the same. A box kept separate during a move, which contains key items which need to be kept close to hand. When moving house in SE1, an essentials box can make the difference between a good and a bad move. But what should be placed inside the box? What are the essentials? Everybody’s box will vary slightly, as they are a personal construct, but there are some items which will likely be needed in every box. Listed below are some items to consider when putting together your essentials box.

Food and drink will be a key component of any box. Southwark house removals can certainly work up an appetite, so quick access to some of your favourite snacks might be the moment of light relief which helps you to get through the day. Likewise, consider packing the ingredients for the first meal you might want to cook after you’ve moved to SE1. Putting it in the box will give you quick access to your dinner.

The moving list is the document which entirely plans out your entire move. A comprehensive list of times, ideas, thoughts, objectives and processes, the moving list rules how you approach your house removal. Placing the moving list in the essentials box will make sure that you have it to hand at all times and that it doesn’t get lost in the chaos.

If you have a child or a pet, consider putting some of their favourite toys in the essentials box. A move can be a confusing day for anyone, and SE1 house removals are no different. A familiar and favourite toy can be the relief and comfort while everything else is packed away. Better to have it in the essentials box than stuck away in the back of the van.

Bedding is often overlooked. Moving to SE1 can be tiring, and you may not finish unpacking before you are forced to take a rest. Rather than lying on a bar mattress in your new bedroom, packing bedding into the essentials box means you can sleep in your familiar duvet and catch some well-earned sleep.

Medical supplies can be difficult to predict. While you may personally have some specialist medicine (which will obviously need to be packed into the essentials box), there could be a situation calling for a wider variety of treatments. Small cuts are the most common injury, so pack some plasters. Painkillers are also useful, as are some bandages to wrap around tired joints. A standard first aid kit makes a great addition to any personal medical supplies you might need

Southwark house removals, like most other, often come with a lot of paperwork. Having these documents to hand will be of tremendous help in case anything needs to be referenced or checked. It is very difficult to predict what these kinds of situations might be, but having the key property removals paperwork to hand is never a bad idea. Likewise, moving to this area can be tricky for the first time arrival, so pack a map to avoid getting lost.

Finally, all SE1 house removals will need a key. If you are already in possession of your new set of keys, this should likely be the first item placed in the essential box. There are few things more essential to the move than actually being able to gain access to your new home. Put your new keys in a safe corner of the essentials box, ready to open the door to your new home.

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