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Moving BoxesWhen shipping your belongings from one place to another, the most important thing is to ensure that your possessions are fully safe and secure. All this depends on the supplies and materials that have been used in the packing process along with of course the expertise of the packer himself. This is why Moving Services offers exclusive packing services with a complete list of professional supplies and materials that will guarantee the safety and protection of your items. All you have to do is place one phone call at 020 8746 4390 and book a date with us. We will have our team of experts arrive at your home or office to do all you’re packing for you.

The categories of supplies that we have available at our company include cardboard boxes, value boxes, home moving kits, office moving kits, bubble wraps, cardboard wardrobes, archive boxes, mattress covers, furniture covers, mail boxes and postal bags, protective packaging material, dispensers, tapes, and pens. Cardboard boxes are something that is required for all kinds of packing. Whether you are packing your office, your home, your dorm room, or your studio, boxes will always be required by you. But the type of box that you use for each item depends on the type of items you are storing. That is why we offer a wide selection of boxes that you can conveniently choose based on the strength and robustness you require from the box. We have single walled boxes for light weight items and double wall boxes for heavier or delicate items to offer an extra layer of protection.

The double walled boxes that we offer are vital for items that require extra protection and strength when they are being stored, shipped, and moved around. Some carriers internationally even require you to have your luggage in double walled boxes so as to avoid damage and items falling out. Whatever the requirements and standards are set by the carrier that you have chosen, let us know and we will assign your luggage the appropriate box that suits your needs. The benefit of these special boxes is that they can be stacked easily on top of each other without worrying about squashing or breaking any items inside. We have these boxes available in all sizes to accommodate small, medium, and large size contents. For large but light weight and soft items like duvets and bed sheets, we have the special tea chest packing boxes available that are suitable for them. Everything else that is not too soft or too delicate can be accommodated in the multipurpose boxes that we have.

Moving SuppliesBubble wrap is one of the most important things used in the packing of fragile items. We have the best quality bubble wrap available at Moving Services. We have different grades of bubble wrap available to suit your separate needs like the jiffy bubble wrap, their Air cap bubble wrap, and other types that are available in both small and large rolls depending on the amount you will need. To protect your mattresses from any dirt and damage, we have great mattress wraps available in polythene to add a strong protective layer. With these great covers you can now store your mattresses for as long as you want and ship them over long distances without worrying about damage.

For our corporate clients we offer great office removal kits. These kits have all the basic items that are required in their removal services of both small and large companies. They include all the right selection of boxes, archive boxes, tapes, wraps, and so much more. Just call us at 020 8746 4390 and ask for your office removal kit.

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