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Moving Services strongly believes that customers should be given top priority over everything else. And this is why we continuously strive to make sure that our packages and services are tailored to suit every customer’s needs. Along with that we try hard to keep our costs low so we can offer our customers packages at a much affordable price. We are proud that we have worked hard to now enjoy a distinguished and recognizable name in the industry of moving services. We have been in this business for more than ten years and have had the privilege to service thousands of customers both individuals and corporations. You can call us for any inquiry at 020 8746 4390.

We would like to highlight some of the factors that help us stand out from the crowd, and the facts that will help you in making your choice for a removals company as well. Some of our most distinguishing features are:


We take each customer as a unique job that is assigned a team of professionals that all have their own expertise. This team then puts its qualities together to plan your project for you, keeping in mind your budget, moving date, and level of service you requested. Team work always helps us deliver a higher level of quality to each customer and ensures that no time of mishap or unfortunate event occurs when dealing with your valuable belongings. We also offer full insurance on all your items when handling them. This gives us the added responsibility to ensure full safety while delivering you added peace of mind. We always welcome our customers to give us their priceless feedback so we can continue learning and growing.


When hiring a moving company, the biggest factor people find themselves fighting against is their trust in the company. Having an unknown person take away all your life’s possessions in their personal vans can be a little worrisome for you. Along with that, having strangers inside your house, helping you with your packing, and loading of your boxes, also requires trust on behalf of the customer. This is why Moving Services delivers full transparency to make certain its customers feel no hesitance and stress when planning on hiring extra helping hands. We take the time to answer all your questions and hesitations before booking you a service. We feel greatly honored when our customers give us the opportunity to show us the level of work and dedication that we put in by placing their trust in our hands. For that we promise that we will give you only the best workers we have that can make you feel totally comfortable and at ease.


The level of experience that each worker has in our company is remarkable. Since we have been in the market for well over ten years, our employees have had the opportunity to learn and grow a lot in terms of their experience and professionalism. They have been well trained and are physically fit to do the job they have been assigned. We make sure that we hire specialized professionals for each individual task. Our team of packing experts is a separately trained group that solely specializes in the usage of professional materials and packing each item according to its physical attributes. Our van drivers are experienced drivers that can take your belongings with the utmost care. This is who we collectively deliver such a strong team of workers to you.

If you are interested in our services after reading about our distinguishing qualities, please feel free to contact us at 020 8746 4390.

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